The History of Miss Hattie's


The building that houses Miss Hattie's was constructed in 1896. It is still the original ceiling, floors, and as you will hear, stairs that take you back in time.

The bordello began in 1902 after it was bought by the Hattons. They were a younger couple who bought the house as an upstairs and downstairs. Where the jewelry store is now (Legend Jewelers) was Mr. Hatton's business, a saloon, and they lived and entertained their guests upstairs.

Shortly after their marriage, the couple filed for divorce. In the divorce, it was decided they would split the house. Mrs. Hatton would live upstairs and Mr. Hatton would continue to run his business downstairs.

With all the extra room, and the booming business of the numerous other bordellos on Concho Avenue, it was only natural that Mrs. Hatton turned to the oldest of professions for women.

The bordello itself remained in operation until it was closed for the last time by the Texas Rangers in 1952.

In the 1970's the building was reopened as a museum. Some of the building's furnishings are original to the bordello, including all of the bedframes! Almost everything is original to the time period of the bordello (1902-1952).


For 50 years, soldiers, cowboys and travelers were attracted to a San Angelo institution, a brothel they knew simply as Miss Hatties.

Jack Lowry - March 1989 Texas Highways